Vermont Title LLC offers the following services to its client:

  1. Full 40 year look back and title report: One of our professionals will travel to the land records of the subject property and search the land records for the 40 year period required by the Vermont Title Standards.  VTS will also provide a title report based on its search with supporting documents.  This includes tax ledgers, permit applications/violations, zoning decisions and any other potential actions/recordings that would encumber the subject property.
  2. Post/Pre Closing Update: Clients looking for updates on the condition of title both before and after a closing on the property can contact VTS to have them search the records for any changes.  VTS will perform the search within the timeframe given by Client to ensure that all diligence is addressed for both title insurance requirements and as an update to those involved in a contract for the sale of real estate.
  3. Lender/Owner Title Insurance Commitments:  VTS though its partnership with Chadwick Law LLC offers financial institutions and purchasers of real estate title insurance commitments for residential real estate transactions.  If a title policy is required, VTS will also be required to conduct the 40 year search as part of this service.
  4. Unique Projects Always Considered:  VTS is open and able to perform a wide range of real estate record searches for clients on a per job basis.