Where have all the Vermont title searchers gone?

Vermont is a tough place to get to.  With its mountainous terrain and narrow single lane roads that curve through the rugged landscape, it can be difficult for many to get from point A to point B within a reasonable amount of time.  Add some snow or ice, and the task can seem next to impossible for those who don’t have a half day to kill.  Thus, for those out of state businesses and individuals who wish to ascertain some information about Vermont real estate, looking for a local professional to provide travel to the town where the land records are stored can be extremely valuable.

However, finding a Vermont title searcher may not be an easy task, especially for properties that are located in the many rural towns throughout the State that are an hour’s drive or more from any major Vermont town or city.  Ever navigated your way through the beautiful mountains to the town of Chelsea?  Ever driven up over Brandon Gap from Route 7 to reach the town of Rochester?  For anyone who has some time on their hands, driving these rural routes to these quaint towns is an experience one may never forget.  However, reaching these towns on a strict time line can be just the opposite, an experience one wants to immediately forget.

A recent article by the Burlington Free Press has made public what many have known for a while, Vermont is aging faster then any other State in the nation.  As a result, less real estate professionals are entering the Vermont market then are leaving.

The Vermont real estate market is filled with opportunities, both for those looking to make Vermont a home, as well as those looking for a second home or investment property.  However, without knowing the true legal status of the property and what title issues may play a role in the marketability of the title of the real estate, one may not be able to fully grasp the risks versus the rewards of such an investment, windy icy mountain descents included.





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